Camping Buddies

February 7-8, 2020

Settling the estate of an old friend who passed away has kept us very busy for the last two months, with little time for travel or our favorite outdoor activities. To the rescue came friends Peggy and Charlie, who proposed a one-night campout on public land not far from Tucson.

desert campfire

It's not often you make friends with people who not only share your interests, but even have the same style pop-up camper! It was a classic clear and crisp night under a million stars, with a fragrant desert campfire to keep us warm enough to stay up past "backpackers' midnight".

Hiking to the hilltop

Next morning we were off to visit a Hohokam petroglyph site that dates from 1000-1100 AD. We last visited this area 10 years ago.


A few of the glyphs.

cactus wren

A cactus wren hovered nearby.

nearby hill

Glyphs are scattered across a cluster of seven small volcanic hills.

wedding glyph

What's the story here, we wondered? Two people inside what might be a kiva, and others streaming in? Was this an early wedding photo?

American Kestrel

A light-colored bird atop a saguaro turned out to be an American Kestrel!

Peggy and Mango

Thanks Peggy, Charlie and Mango for a wonderful getaway!