Snow Lake

Exploring Hell's Half Acre

October 8, 2021

It was our first time in the area, so of course we did everything wrong. We dropped into the canyon at an oblique angle, which made for greater elevation loss and a more difficult down climb. When the canyon narrowed and became choked with brush, we scrambled up the east side, seeking a way around the multiple side canyons. It was a poor choice that nevertheless provided some great views.

Hell's Half Acre

Return to Middle Fork Warm Springs

October 2-3, 2021

We planned a two-day backpack along the Gila River, in search of a tiny hot spring we visited a decade ago. But we've had a terrific monsoon, and NM Streamflow showed huge spikes on both the West Fork and the main stem Gila River. When we found the Gila flowing fast, dark and furious, we redirected to our old favorite trail to the warm springs on the Middle Fork.

Middle Fork Trail

Biking the Mimbres River

September 21, 2021

Since moving to Silver City, I've been fascinated by the Mimbres River. This tiny, sparkling, partly ephemeral stream has no outlet. It simply sinks into the desert sands east of City of Rocks State Park. Yet the Mimbres is Silver City's primary watershead, since the mighty Gila lies west of the Continental Divide. Several months would pass before I realized that an old jeep trail runs right along the Mimbres, offering a great way to explore the upper reaches of the river.

crossing the Mimbres by bike

Hamming it up at the Grand Canyon

September 9-14, 2021

We missed Field Day this year because Doug's Denali was getting a makeover. So we we switched our annual campout to the September AARL VHF Contest, aiming for our preferred dispersed camping location just outside Grand Canyon National Park. In addition to great free camping, the area also boasts an excellent radio horizon.

bike at Grand Canyon

Snow Lake, Middle Fork and Loco Mountain

August 18-21, 2021

Some trips are quests, some are for a change of scenery, and some result from viriditaphobia. Yes, that's a real word meaning "fear of weeds". With our favorite travel buddy Ann H., we hatched a plan to camp at Snow Lake and hike the Middle Fork Trail.

The Great Northern New Mexico Loop

July 12-25, 2021

When our friend Ann H. proposed a joint camping trip in honor of her late husband and our dear friend, we eagerly signed on. But hey, once we drove nearly all the way to the Colorado border, why stop there?

mariposa lily

Devils Garden

June 17-18, 2021

The hot, hot weather has arrived, and while I am profoundly grateful that Silver City temps are 10-15 degrees cooler than Tucson, I swear our sun is hotter! So were a bit skeptical when Ann H proposed a hiking and camping trip in the Piños Altos range, less than 15 miles from Silver City. But it worked out brilliantly, and it was great to get some serious outdoor time despite the heat.

sunset in Webb Gulch

Meadow Creek

June 4-5, 2021

Meadow Creek was a last-minute improv after a more ambitious trip was quashed by a combination of overwork, dentistry and unsettled weather. In retrospect, we couldn't have chosen a better place to spend the first few days of summer heat. Less than 20 miles from town, Meadow Creek is a world away.

Meadow Creek

North Star Mesa

May 20-21, 2021

We are surrounded by mountains, and just north of us is the Gila Wilderness, New Mexico's largest wilderness area, flanked by the equally impressive Aldo Leopold Wilderness Area. The two are separated by a narrow corridor of national forest land, traversed by FR 150 aka North Star Mesa Road, which runs all the way from Mimbres to Beaver Head. Let's go!

hiking buddies

Mogollon Box

May 13, 2021

I've always wondered what the Gila River does between the Turkey Creek access and the cluster of farms in Cliff/Gila. Now I know it meanders through a sweet, sweet canyon shaded by giant cottonwoods and sycamores. With premier local guide Ann H., we spent the day just walking in the water.

cattails in the water and big cliffs

Allie Canyon

April 7, 2021

A perfect spring day in a wet canyon deep in the Gila National Forest. We four-wheeled to the trailhead and then hiked into dreamy Allie Canyon, which meanders through lush meadows and Ponderosa pine forest across the Piños Altos Range.


Aravaipa East End

March 27-30, 2021

So she did it! Our dear friend Ann H, who introduced us to Four Wheel campers, finally bought her own rig, a 2013 Taco with a Fleet flatbed. Ann came home with Turtle Truck just a few days before friends Jeff and Julia invited us to join them for three days in Aravaipa Canyon. It was the perfect first joint outing, and our first backpacking trip in more than a year!


January 26, 2021

Since we moved to Silver City, we've been hoping for a proper snowstorm. This is what we found when we opened our door about 7:00 am on Tuesday, January 26.

The Bungle-Oh!

Before and After Photos

I don't know if we really planned on renovating a 1945 bungalow, but here we are. Since moving here in early December, we have worked nearly full-time on unpacking, organizing and, ultimately, renovating our new home in Silver City.


Moving to Silver City

October - December, 2020

We spent the summer fleeing the fires, the heat and the pandemic, and hiking abd camping all over northern New Mexico and Arizona. It was fabulous! And then one day in mid-September, Dennis asked me, "Where would you rather live? Flagstaff or Silver City?"

the bungle-oh